avatarWelcome to Snippets of Life, Ferris’ personal gallery of photographs made by him. He has been pursuing his interest in photography for more than 10 years and started it off with film cameras. Like everybody else, he has moved on to digital photography when digital cameras take over the world of photography by storm.

Most of the photographs here are taken by Ferris himself with the exception of some, which Ferris enlisted his friends or relatives help to take while he handles the lighting setup. In terms of photography genres, Ferris always has a deep and keen interest in macro photography of insects and bugs as most people are not able to see them so up closed and personal with their naked eyes. To be able to see them magnified and in so much details on photograph is really a breathtaking sight. Recently, Ferris has also developed a strong interest in strobist, studio and portraiture photography and has invested in multiple flashes, light modifiers and even a set of backdrop and backdrop stands. He wants to create a studio environment at home to practice and to take pictures of his beloved family members, which is the main reason for his interest in this genre of photography.

Please feel free to browse through the different galleries and do note that pictures on this website are not to be distributed, edited, amended and/or used commercially or non-commercially in any way unless explicit permission from Ferris is given.

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